How to arrive on public service
How to arrive on public service

Questions of passage of public service political and administrative civil servants are regulated by Position about an order of passage of public service.

Considering one of the major priorities of Strategy Kazakhstan–2030 – creation of the professional government – the Republic Kazakhstan Agency on affairs of public service from the very beginning of the activity has directed the basic efforts to creation of conditions for attraction on public service of the highly professional shots having corresponding education and necessary experience.

Since January, 2000 in republic process of competitive selection on employment of vacant administrative state posts in the state structures, providing realization of a constitutional law of citizens on equal access to public service is entered.

The organization and carrying out of competitions are carried out according to Rules of carrying out the competition on employment of a vacant administrative state post.

Competition includes a number of consecutive stages:

The publication of the announcement of competition carrying out

  • formation of the competitive commission;
  • reception and the analysis of documents of participants of competition on conformity to the established qualifying requirements;
  • testing of candidates;
  • interview;
  • final session of the competitive commission.

With a view of maintenance of an openness and publicity the state structure holding competition, is obliged to publish the announcement of competition carrying out. At competition carrying out in the central state structures both their territorial divisions and announcement departments are published in the periodic printing editions extended in all territory of Republic Kazakhstan. Announcements of competition carrying out in local state structures are published in the periodic printing editions extended to territories of the corresponding administrative and territorial unit.

The citizens, wishing to take part in competition, submit to the state structure holding competition documents established by Rules (the questionnaire, the statement on participation in competition, a personal leaf) which are considered by the competitive commission.

With a view of maintenance of equal approaches at receipt on public service and creations of conditions for wider choice at competitive selection of candidates are guided by Typical qualifying requirements.

Necessary for participation in competition documents are represented within 15 calendar days from the moment of the announcement publication in mass media about competition carrying out to corresponding state structures to the addresses of state structures specified in the announcement.

On the basis of the analysis of the presented documents the competitive commission makes the decision on the admission of participants of competition to testing.

According to conditions of each competition candidates should pass obligatory computer test for knowledge of the legislation.Целью тестирования является объективная оценка способностей кандидатов.

Depending on a category of an administrative state post installed the various programs of testing.

Now testing programs include tests for knowledge of the legislation, and also the logic nonverbal test (depending on a category), estimating abilities of candidates.

The candidates admitted to participation in testing, pass it when due hereunder in Agency or in the regional centers of testing of Agency of Republic Kazakhstan on affairs of public service in all 16 regions of the country, within five working days after the termination of term of documents acceptance.

The remote system of testing is spent on the computers connected to the central server of Agency that guarantees unification of requirements and the maximum objectivity of procedure of testing, allows to establish control over quality of competitive selection..

Strict following to the highest standards of application of tests allows to avoid potential problems and abusings and as much as possible to use their advantages to public service as a whole and for each candidate participating in competitive selection, as provides justice and equal possibilities for all. The candidates who have successfully passed threshold values under tests, are supposed to a following stage of competitive selection – to interview.

The candidates admitted to interview, pass it in the state structures which have declared competition within three working days after carrying out of testing.

The interview purpose is the estimation of professional and personal qualities of candidates

At final session the competitive commission estimates candidates on the basis of the presented documents, results of testing and the spent interview and carries out selection of candidates for employment vacant administrative state posts. Only one of candidates can receive the positive decision, the second best applicant can be recommended for transfer in a personnel reserve.

In the event that as a result of competition worthy candidates on employment of a vacant post haven't been revealed, a state structure repeated competition can be declared. The candidate who has received the positive decision of the competitive commission, has the right to hold the post taken out on competition with observance of the requirements provided by the legislation for receipt on an administrative state post.