Advice on employment for graduates
Advice on employment for graduates

How to create section “Qualification” in your CV?
If the section “Qualification” in CV is a huge paragraph of unclear reasoning, any specialist for recruitment of staff , for whom it is necessary to learn about strong sides of a candidate, will miss it. That is why it is necessary for this section to be read easy and accurate.

Employment agencies are good, but job fairs better
Today by job search all variants are good: national ( "protection"), announcements on the general both specialized sites and newspapers, personnel agencies. It is possible to use related, family, friendly, friendly or other personal contact. However one of the most popular kinds of job search still are fairs of vacancies. How to receive a maximum from visiting of such actions?


How to start any journey? You can start from determining the destination, or at least the approximate route. Otherwise it would be difficult to get tickets for airplane or train, to book a hotel, to decide on the program.

Top-10 advices in job search

Drawing up a plan to job search is an indispensable tool for any job applicant. We have made basic tips to help you to get an invitation for an interview and ultimately the desired position.

Strategy of job search

Choosing one of the main strategies of job search, it is necessary to pay attention on following:

How to pass interview successfully when applying for a job?

One of the most important steps in the professional life of every man (and some women) is an interview, after which he will be hired. Or not:). A man is preparing for this conversation whole life, it always seems for him that something somewhere is wrong. Here are some advices after remembering of which, you will pass successfully job interview.

How to be interviewed

Each person soon or late changes a job, and an interview is necessary step in this process.

Interview for job placement – is unavoidable.

Interview for job placement – is unavoidable. Although to pass “test for suitability” for that or for other position is not so pleasant, but it is a chance, that you have to use

Self-presentation should be "excellent" in all weathers

It is said, that there are less vacancies on the labor market, consequently, more job seekers and employers in this situation are beginning to show more and more stringent requirements for candidates. Therefore we decided to ask the question to employees of HR department: how to behave during the interview , to the current situation where the market is shrinking and offers an increasing number of applicants for jobs, what is the best way to demonstrate your superiority over the competitors?

Tell about your achievements

Often we can here: «I did several successful projects, I have professional experience, two higher education diplomas, but unfortunately serious companies do not hire me. After interview they disappear». Whatisprofessionalsuccess?

Work for students

For a students, who wants not only to study, but also to work. Where can he work. What salary to expect.

Behavior during interview

On your behavior during the interview may also influence on the decision of the employer, to take you on a job or not. How can behave in the interview to increase your chances of success: what can and should do and what not to do?

Errors in job search
Error in case of independent job search.Errors in case of searching through recruitment agencies.

Errors in writing CV

Nowadays we can tell by sure that there is no single employee, who does not know what СV is.

About job placement of graduates of higher educational institutes

What is the situation with the employment of graduates?

Unexpected questions and tasks during a job interview. What are they for?

The first task of the employer - to reveal the personal motivation of the applicant to the open position, to understand how it coincides with the motivational system of the company. For this purpose developed techniques for determining this key moment for a job.

Lie in your CV

Can lie in the CV be useful or it is better not to lie? Practice shows that career counselors and HR-managers, the cases lies in the summary are fairly common.

«Fliers» are still not in brand

It does not worth, that those job seekers, who think that frequent changings of jobs will noti nterfere in further employment. Employers in majority want to build strong, stable team, and that is why they relate to fliers with an attention .But not to all of them …

What job offers do you consider now?

One of the most favorite questions of recruiters makes candidates be in dead end.

What candidates get the best jobs?

Let’s consider main characteristics of the best candidate on a job vacancy.

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