Альянс Банк


Identity card of debtor/depositor/guardian/parents, spouse of debtor/depositor (copy, verified with original).


RNN of debtor, spouse of debtor (copy, verified with original)


SIK of debtor (copy, verified with original in case of availability)


Notarized copy of book of registration of citizens (house register) or reference, confirming residence in corresponded human settlement of debtor. In case of lack of permanent registration the reference about temporary registration in that human settlement, where a students studies.


Reference of Form №2 and Form №6, at the place of registration of debtor and his/her parents (guardians, trustees) (original) – reference from Public Service Center


Contract for education with higher education establishment (copy, verified with original)


Invoice for payment for semester (original) – accounting


Reference from the place of studying, containing the information about specialty, course and form of studying, GPA of debtor and date of finishing apprenticeship in higher education establishment or certified copy of transcript (original) by Creditor – dena’s office


Reference, confirming social status of client (original)


Documents, confirming the relationships between debtor and his/her parents (copy, verified with original) – birth certificate, identity card of parents


Documents, confirming marital status of debtor (marriage certificate – notarized copy) – application from notary public

Social status of a student

Confirming documents


Students – orphans and left without charge of parents

The reference from the department of guardianship and trusteeship of local executive bodies (competence of the Minister of Education and Science of RK)


Disabled Students (notarized copy of reference)

Reference about disability of territorial body of Committee for control and social protection of Ministry of labor and social protection of RK


Students, whose parents (or one of the parents) are disabled (notarizes copy of reference)

Reference from parents about disability from territorial body of committee for control and social protection of Ministry of labor and social protection of population of RK or reference about benefit due to disability with state center for payment of pension


Students from families with many children

Reference about received special state benefit from the state center for payment of pensions or reference about confirmation of this status from akim of village, aul, aul rural district. At the same time if there are children in the family, that are students, state of achievement of them of 23 years.


Students of poor families or families without mothers or fathers

Reference about confirmation of status of Akim of the village, aul, aul rural region, and in city – the department of occupancy and social programs; reference about getting benefit in case of lost of supporter; notarized copy of certificate about death of one of the parents; notarized copy of divorce certificate or decision about divorce from court


Students, parents (or one of the parents) with retirement age

Certificate about pensionary status of parents from State center for payment of pension