Youth support
The rules for providing social support

Social support for health care professionals, education, social welfare, culture and sport, who is here to stay and work in rural communities:

1) mobility allowance in an amount equal semidesyatikratnomu monthly index;

2) social support for housing - the budget credit in an amount not exceeding the size of shestisottridtsatikratny monthly index.

3) budget loan to purchase housing for professionals is available for a period of fifteen years, the interest rate on the loan is fixed at 0.01% per annum on the loan.

The local representative body (maslikhat) region, taking into account the needs of health professionals, education, social welfare, culture and sport, declared Governor of the district each year will decide on the installation grant specialists, and social support for housing.

To organize the provision of social support professionals akimat district created a standing committee (hereinafter - Commission), consisting of members of the district maslikhat, representatives of executive bodies of the district and community organizations.

Working body of the Commission is the authorized body for the District Rural Development (hereinafter - a working body).

Akim district enters into a contract assignment with an attorney (agent) to implement the fiscal program of lending for housing professionals in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To obtain measures of social support specialist provides to a working body the following documents:

1) the application form according to Annex 1 to this Regulation;

2) a copy of identity document;

3) a copy of the workbook, the certified personnel department at the new place of work;

4) a copy of the book of civil registration (book house) or a certificate proving residence in the relevant locality;

5) a copy of the diploma of education;

6) a copy of the certificate of registration of the taxpayer;

7) copy of the Social Individual Code;

8) a preliminary agreement for the sale of housing in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Documents are provided in the original and copies for verification, after which the original documents back specialist.

The requirement to provide other documents not covered by these Rules shall not be permitted.

The working body receives the registration of documents and experts, applying for social support, validate the documents, performs calculations and funding needs within five calendar days from the date of the document sent to the commission.

Commission within ten calendar days from receipt of documents from the working body is considering the documents submitted and recommends that the Mayor's Office to provide a specialist area of social support.

In case of refusal to provide the social support measures, the working body within three days send a reasoned reply specialist.

The reason for refusal is the fact that the provision of false documents.

Akimat district within ten calendar days after receipt of recommendations of the commission makes a decision on granting social support specialists.

After conclusion of Agreement:

1) The working body within seven calendar days of transfer a sum installation grant for individual personal accounts of professionals, from July 1, 2009;

2) The attorney (agent) within thirty working days in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, provides professional credit for the purchase of housing, with effect from 1 January 2010.

Professional performance of the obligations of the loan secured by a pledge of housing purchased.

Control over the use of budget funds is carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.