Health & Fitness
Youth Health Centres

If you are a young person, you are worrying about your health, you think about your future, you want to avoid different life troubles or you need a support and help, the doors of Youth Center are always opened for YOU!
if you have questions:
Hwy nobody understands you?
How to understand yourself ?
How to avoid conflicts with other people, with friends, parents?
How to understand hearts affairs and to make a contact with girls (boys)?
How to avoid bad habits?
What to do if somebody offers you cigarettes, drugs?
How to avoid sexual transmitted infections and how to get a help, if you could not avoid it?
How to chose effective means of contraception and to prevent unnecessary pregnancy?

Juvenile is not a patient for employees of YCH, but an interlocutor, who came to get confidential medical and psychological care. Youth and Juveniles can come to YCH with their pairs.

There is a network of volunteers from youth and juveniles, who in one line with enployees of YCH, participate in organizing of trainings for their peers. In addition, there is an art therapy class in YCH, that is opened for everyone , who wants to come.

Addresses of Youth centers of Health

YCH «Demeu», Astana, 1 Ablaikhana ave., ground floor, tel. +7 (7172) 274498, 274515

YCH «Zhas Tolkyn», Astana, 1 Birzhansal street, city outpatient hospital

№3, 942917

YCH «Rauan», Astana, street #103, b.1, t. 7172 575044, city outpatient hospital


YCH «Shuak», Astana, 20 Akan Seri street, city outpatient hospital

№5, 289538

YCH «Shanyrak», Astana, 193 Abaya street, t. 7172 793684, ГП №7


YCH on the basis of Student’s outpatient hospital in Almaty, Bukhar Zhyrau ave., tel. +7 (727) 2478548, 2478215

YCH on the basis of city outpatient hospital №10 Almaty, mcr. Aksai 4 (Momyshyli-Zhubanova), tel. +7 (727) 3953080

YCH under the City center of reproduction health, Almaty, Zhibek Zholy 124, tel. +7 (727) 2790211, 2790215

YCH, Almaty, on the basis of city outpatient hospital

№ 10, Aksai 4, building 17


YCH, Shymkent, 6 Kazybek bi street, t.7252 410303, regional center of formation of Healthy way of living


YCH «Zhas Asyl», 071410, Semei, Baytursinova streeet 27, t. 7222 341438, Outpatients hospital № 2 of mixed type


YCH «Edelveis», Taraz, mcr. «Zhailau», building19, tel. +7 (7262) 349732, regional center of formation of Healthy way of living


YCH «Youventus», Avia city, Bogenbai-Batyra street, 50, bus route №8, tel. 22-77-07