Democratic Party "ADILET"

The youth wing of Democratic Party “Adilet” – is new format of activity, work, and effectiveness of public organizations

How to contact us.

For what we give our contacts and our address?

First of all, the main skeleton of Democratic Party “Adilet” is lawyers - jurisconsult. Due to the fact that we can provide to you free juridical consulting. Remind, that this improvement of legal environment in Kazakhstan is the structural part of our program statement.

In our program documents we took on ourselves strict responsibilities in presenting interests of broad layers of population and today we do not refuse from our words. To stand effectively against lawlessness of bureaucrats we have to combine our efforts. Democratic Party “Adilet” several times acted for protection of those, whose rights are derogated.

You can contact us: 8 (727) 392-25-27 , fax 392-25-36

Address: Almaty, Abaya ave. 52 В, office 101, 307


Sydyhov Tolegen Seydomarovich - first deputy chairman, head of the Central Office