Committee of Youth Delphic Games of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Committee of Youth Delphic Games of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Since 2005, the National Youth Delphic Games are held Kazakhstan. According to their results national team of country is formed to participate in the Youth Delphic Games of CIS members.

Delphic Games say about the ideals of goodness and creativity. Game combined 42 nominations in all types of art from classic to contemporary genres. Including piano, violin, folk instruments, wind instruments, pop, folk and academic singing, accordion, pop and folk dance, drama, dramatic reading, a circus, DJ, photography, art and more.

VII National Youth Delphic Games of the Republic of Kazakhstan

VII National Youth Delphic Games of the Republic of Kazakhstan are dedicated to celebration of 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan Independency. If you have creative potential, you have many forces and a talent, take place in Games!

The order of conduction of Games

Games are held from 14 to 18 of June 2011 in Atyrau by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan together with the National Delphic Committee with the support of the People's Democratic Party "Nur Otan", the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Delphic Committee.

Games are held in the form of competitions.

The competitive program is conducted in the following categories:
• piano
• violin
• saxophone
• academic singing
• popular song
• pop singing
• Folk Dance
• Modern Dance
• accordion, accordion, harmonica
• Folk Instruments: - dombyra
- kobyz
• photo
• Fine Arts
• DJ
• Web design

Contests are held in two age categories:
younger group of 10-15 years;
older group of 16-21 years.

Academic singing:

younger group of 16-20 years;

older group of 21-25 years.

Each participant is given time and place for rehearsals, according to program requirements.

The order of performance is determined by ballots.

Competition in all nominations are held in public.

The program may be executed wholly or partly by the decision of the jury.

Draft of program of Games




Arrival of participants


Official opening of Games, rehearsal

16.06.2011 г.


17.06.2011 г.

Official closing of Games (awarding of winners, gala-concert)

18.06.2011 г.

Departure of participants and visitors of Games

Participants of Games

Collective and solo artists can be participants of the Games (in accordance with program requirements), including the winners of regional and city (for cities of Astana and Almaty) Delphian Games, formed in the delegations of regions and Astana and Almaty.

Number of participants in the Games (solo artists and bands) from the delegation, acting in one nomination, cannot exceed two. The same applicant (or a solo artist or collective) cannot participate in two nominations.

Content and conditions of acceptance of delegations

Organizers provide:

  • Accommodation for participants;
  • Three times meal;
  • Transfer station-place of accommodation – station, and also hospital – place of rehearsal/competition conduction – hotel;
  • tour program;
  • issuing of awards to winners.

Expenses for meal, accommodation (from 00.00 hours «14» June 2011 г. to 24.00 hours «18» June 2011 г.), meeting/departure of delegation in a city of conduction of Games are paid by organizers.

Upon arrival of delegations to 00.00 hour. "14" June 2011 and later departure at 24.00 hours. "18" June 2011 the costs of accommodation and food are paid in addition to the delegations by prices and tariffs in placements organization.

For accompanying persons and members of the delegation the quota pay for your stay at the Games of 25 000 tenge for one person is set, which allows these categories to remain in the Games on the abovementioned conditions. Payment shall be transferred to "10" June 2011 on details, specified in the Confirmation of the delegations, authorized to participate in the Games (hereinafter - Confirmation).

Application for participation

To participate in the Games, the local government body responsible for the formation of the delegation, filed an application with a copy of the minutes of the jury of regional and city (for cities of Astana and Almaty) Delphian games with the winners name signs, directed at the VII National Youth Delphic Games.

The roll-call requests to participate in the Games served on the approved form (Appendix 2) in both print and electronic form to the "31st" of May 2011.

Delegation, has been confirmed to the 3rd of June 2011, must submit till the 10th of June 2011:

• Information on the number train, bus, date and time of arrival and departure of delegations;

• the final, approved signatures of responsible persons and printing a list of the delegation.

Applications are filled in by responsible for the formation of the delegation. In case of difficulty in filling the application in you should contact the Organizing Committee for obtaining in-depth consultation.

Organizational issues

The head of delegation, arrived for Games, necessary to have:

  • Confirmation;
  • The list of members of delegation with clarifying: names (without abbreviations), Number of IDs (birth certificate), home addresses and telephone numbers, including mobile numbers;
  • Copies of documents, confirming payments for staying on Games in accordance with categories.

Members of the delegation at the age of 16 years and older should bring their original and a photocopy of identity card or passport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the age of 10 to 16 years - a birth certificate.


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Program Requirements to competitive program of the VII National Youth Delphic Games of Kazakhstan nomination Age groups (years) Program requirements Criteria of assessment Remark Program Requirements to competitive program piano - Solo performance 10-