General Information
Commemorative booklets for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, going abroad

Current commemorative booklet is oriented for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, going abroad, and contains general rules and practical recommendations, knowledge and following of which can help in avoiding difficulties during travels abroad.

I. Preparation to travel

· It is recommended to check validity of your travel documents in case of going abroad. And exactly, be convinced in correctness of writing in your passport name, family name and patronymic (including Latin transliteration), date and place of birth, information about children, expiration date of passport (the expiration date should not be expired less than before 6 months after finishing of travel). If together with you the children up to 16 years old are going, then the photo of written in it children should be pasted in the passport of one of the parents or you can get the separate international passport for them.

·Before departure inform relatives friends about your trip, place of staying, leave contact telephone numbers.

· Write down the telephone number of embassies or consular offices of the Republic of Kazakhstan in country of staying (addresses and telephone numbers of diplomatic representatives of out country abroad are noted in Annex #1, and also on web-site of MIA of RK

In case of transportation from the Republic of Kazakhstan of foreign currency in the size, exceeding the equivalent of three thousand dollars of USA, it is necessary to declare exported amount in written form. Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan can export abroad cash foreign currency in the sizem not exceeding equivalent of ten thousand dollars of USA, without presenting documents, confirming origin of exported cash foreign currency. In case of export of currency in size, exceeding this amount, it is necessary to present confirming documents, that can be: documents about immobilization of money from bank account in foreign currency, references-certificates of exchange offices about purchasing of foreign currency; bank documents about receiving of foreign currency by onetime transfer; customs declaration about amount of imported before foreign currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Do not forget to clarify about the amount of cash, that should not be declared during entering country, where you are planning to come.

· Find out about availability of necessary for you medication in this or that country. Often, medications, that are easy to buy in Kazakhstan, are not produced abroad, or can be bought only by prescription of physician.

· In case of going to countries with hot climate it is necessary to do vaccinations in advance. It is recommended to be inoculated against diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis if you are going to tropical countries. It is mandatory to be inoculated against yellow fewer if you are going to countries of Africa (to the south of Sahara) and Latin America. Animeningitis coccal vaccination is recommended for palmers of Mecca. It is purposeful to be inoculated against hepatitis В in case of long stay in countries of Africa and South - Eastern Asia.

· before trip abroad for education , work or for permanent living it is necessary to legalize your documents in advance. First of all it is related to documents of education, certificates, issued by registry office, documents , related to property relationships and question of social provision.

· It is necessary to take into account that in many countries there is the prohibition or partly restrictions for import of food products, alcohol, tobacco products. For example, in Muslim countries it is forbidden to import any alcohol products.

· it will be farsighted to care about getting medical insurance policy for the period of staying abroad. Its availability will allow during your trip o have assurance in case of accident and to avoid expenses for unexpected medical issues in case of insurance case.


· if visa is required for entering the territory of foreign country, we recommend in advance (for 1-2 months) to apply for its obtaining in diplomatic representation or consular office of corresponded country in Kazakhstan personally or through travel agency with good reputation. The list of countries is given in the Annex #2, for entering which it is nor required to obtain a visa for citizens of Kazakhstan depending of type of passport and periods of planned travel.

· Take into consideration that the period of preparation of a visa in some embassies of foreign countries takes long time, especially during the period of increasing of tourist’s flow abroad. At the same time each embassy establishes the order of issuing a visa, including interview with a consul, the cost of visa and the list of documents, required for obtaining a visa. Contact details of embassies of foreign countries in Kazakhstan are written down in Annex #3.

· Strict compliance of requirements, lodged by embassies of foreign countries to documents for obtaining a visa (the size of photo, correct and readable completion of a form, payment for consular fees

And etc. ), will contribute positive and timely consideration of your application for visa.

· It is not recommended to pay for trip before obtaining a visa. Take into consideration that embassies of foreign countries are not responsible for financial loses, that you can have in case of refusal or delay in issuing visa.

· It is better not to rely on bought ticket with fixed dates, that it can help you to obtain a visa quicker. Although such requirement is established in some embassies.

·If you transit through the territory of other countries to the destination, then you have to take consultation about necessity of preparation of transit visas in advance, including its expiration date and multiplicity for successful crossing of boards.

· Having obtained visa of foreign countries, check the correctness of pointed in it data: number of your passport, given and family name, date of birth, category and expiration date of visa, general number of dates, during of which it is allowed to stay in foreign country. Remember, that mistakes in visa, even made not because of your fault, can have unnecessary consequences – as during entering, as during stay on foreign country.

Further the peculiarities of visa rules of the most frequently attended countries by Kazakhstan citizens are noted

CIS countries

Kazakhstan has mutual agreement about visa-free trips with many CIS countries.

Thus, it is enough to have with you passport of citizen of Kazakhstan for entering Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. At the same time you can enter Kyrgyzstan and Russia with ID and birth certificate of children, notarized (for citizens of RK, younger than 16 years old) together with power of attorney from parents or permission of the second parent.

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan have to fill in Russian migration card in case of crossing Kazakh-Russian board. Citizens of Kazakhstan, left in Russia, have to register in migration within three working days from the date of arrival.

Citizens of Kazakhstan have to obtain a visa for entering in Ukraine and Moldova for more than 3 months.

The citizens of Kazakhstan have to obtain a visa for going to Turkmenistan. Given rule is not spread on persons, who have service and diplomatic passport. Also, residents of Atyrau and Mangystau regions can enter, leave and temporary stay on the territory of Balkan velayat of Turkmenistan without obtaining of visa for 5 days with passports and in case of availability of ID of citizen of RK, confirming place of residence in mentioned regions of RK.

Countries of Schengen zone

· Action of Schengen agreement – “about cancelation of passport customs check between range of countries of European Union” covers 25 countries: Austria, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia;

· the order of action of short-term visa is equal in all countries-members of Schengen zone.

·the countries of Schengen agreement issue single visas, giving to the obtainer the right of entering and staying on the territory of Schengen zone, of following types:

- visa of type (А) – acts only for air passengers, does not give right to leave transit zone of airport;

- transit visa (В) – gives right for transit passage through the territory of Schengen zone within period, nor exceeding 5 days;

- short-term visa (С) – gives right for staying on the territory of Schengen zone within 90 days during 6 months from the moment of the first enter.

- long-term national visas (D), that allow of its obtainers to make visa-free transit passage within period, not exceeding 5 days, through the territory of other countries of Schengen agreement.

· In case of obtaining single visa it is allowed to enter Schengen visa only through country, consular office of which issued visa. For example, if you obtained visa in consulate of France, then you can enter any country of Schengen only through France.

· Great Britain, Ireland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are NOT included in Schengen.

· It is expected that Liechtenstein will enter Schengen zone at the end of 2008.


· Entry and stay of citizens of Kazakhstan on the territory of Turkey does not require visa up to 1 month with actual international passport in accordance with Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Turkey.


· Citizens of Kazakhstan can obtain a visa by arrival in airport of Thailand. It is required to apply to window «Visa on arrival» with appropriate documents: passport, photo (4х6 sm), filled application for obtaining visa, migration card, payment for visa in the size of 1000 batt (approximately 30 USA dollars).

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

· it is practiced to issue a visa by arrival in airport of UAE.

· The case are known, when local authorities refused to Kazakh citizens for enter country after arrival to airport without explanation of reasons. That is why, to avoid misunderstandings we recommend to apply for visa directly to Embassy of UAE in Kazakhstan in advance.

· Visa and other records from Israel country in the passport can be a reason to refuse in entry to UAE (because of this reason you can be refused in entry and in other Muslim countries).

·Also women under the age of 30 years, arrived without husband or who have different with husband surnames, can be refused in entering country.

· The important condition for obtaining visa can be confirmation/invitation from inviting side. Given document can be provided for obtaining visa by arrival in airport of UAE.

· International passport can be valid no less than 3 months from the date of finishing of trip.

· Notarized permission from parents (parent) is required for children up to 18 years, flying with one of parents or escorted by the third party.

· there are two types of visas: transit (drawn for 14 days) and usual entrance (for 30 days).

· In case of offering a job from travel agencies and foreign companies in UAE it is necessary to be very careful, because there are many cases of sexual slavery.


· citizens of Kazakhstan do not need visa for entering Malaysia, if the period of stay does nit exceed 30 days (expiration date of international passport has to be no less than 6 months from the date of finishing the trip in Malaysia).

· One of the copies of immigration card can be permission for entry and stay in country, which tourists fill in in airplane before landing. This document has be saved till departure from country.


· Visa is not required for stay in Chine for 1 months for citizens of Kazakhstan, who have diplomatic and service passport.

· Citizens of Kazakhstan with national passport have to apply personally to Embassy of PRC for obtaining a visa with submission of necessary documents (additional information is given on the web-site of Embassy of PRC, see Annex №3).


- Nowadays the embassies of foreign countries in Kazakhstan step by step transfer to a practice of taking applications and making an appointment for interview only by means of Internet with following submission of originals. For example, Embassies of USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, China already started to use this practice (web-sites of the embassies of foreign countries are listed in Annex #3).


· specify list of items, not allowed for transport in advance due to toughening of requirements for safety on the air transport and thorough checking of personal belongings. Do not forget, that it is not allowed to transport in hand baggage sharp items, toys or other items, looking like a weapon. It is also not allowed to transport liquids or gels, bought before passing of checking of air passengers in USA and European countries.

· Do not forget to fill in customs declaration. And take into account that each country determines the restrictions for transport of cash money. That is why it is better to have part of money on credit cards or in traveller's cheques and etc. Keep coupon for left baggage, which will be required in case of its lose. Air tickets, passport and other valuable things are better to keep with you.

· It is recommended to keep with you other related to your trip documents besides acting passport with visa in passing passport-board check in foreign country (invitation of accepted person/organization, hotel reservation and other).

· don not agree to carry somebody else things through points of checking as request because of excess baggage, and also do not take from strangers things for passing (letters, parcels, baggage and etc.), that can be used as secret compartment for illegal transport of drugs, explosive assemblies, poisoning things and causative agent of dangerous diseases.


During stay in foreign country the action of its laws is spread on you, you have to follow it strictly. At the same time not knowing of its laws does not release you from responsibility.

Staying abroad, follow generally accepted norms of ethics and moral, correct your behavior in accordance with surrounding environment, it is important to follow local traditions and customs, especially in countries of Asia and Africa.

Do not forget that knowing of main words and phrases in foreign language will make easier your stay in a country, and also will be welcomed by the local population.

In general it is reasonable to keep to following recommendations:

·pay special attention to rules of staying and fire safety by arrival to hotel; it is better to have business card of hotel all the time (in addition, you can take booklets with maps in hotel).

·you have right to require meeting with representative of council office in country of staying in case of unexpected situations (arrest by local law enforcement bodies, frightening from the side of other people, car accidents and etc). Do not sign any protocols and other documents in foreign language without presence of representatives of council office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

· it is also recommended to keep with you copy of passport, visa and invitation letter, if it was the basis of its issuing, during foreign trip. Copy of passport or ID of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan can help you, in case of possible theft or loss of documents, to receive in Consulate of RK “certificate for return to the Republic of Kazakhstan”. If you do not have any documents or other copies (in case of theft or loss), then you will pass procedure of identification of your personality for issuing you mentioned Certificate.

· it is recommended to register in council office in the nearest Kazakhstan diplomatic representative office or council office to Kazakhstan citizens, coming in foreign country for studying, working or for permanent living. Registration in council office will help you in solving of many issues, not going to Kazakhstan (participation in elections and referendums, execution of passport, registration of act of civil status and etc.), and also will make easier you evacuation in case of starting of war, riots, disasters.

· We pay attention on that in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “about citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, citizens of Kazakhstan permanently living outside Kazakhstan, who did not register in council office without valid reason within three years, can lose citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

· If you rented a car, check car for presence of appearance defects/scratches, careful check execution of all documents, including insurance for in case of accident you do not pay for reimbursement for loss and are not suited.

Also it is important to take into account some peculiarities of foreign countries. For example:

· in many countries it is forbidden to smoke in public places, or it is allowed to smoke but in specially determined for this places. For example, prohibition for smoke in bars and restaurants is implemented in following countries: Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden. Analogue prohibition is active in some territorial districts of Australia, Great Britain and USA.

· In many countries it is forbidden to use mobile phones during driving (in some countries it is allowed to use special devices as «hands – free»). Among them: Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, USA (some states) and others.

· it is insistently recommended to follow sanitation and hygiene precautions during stay in countries with hot climates. Careful wash fruits and vegetables, drink water and other beverages from factory corked up bottles, and also to refrain from drinking water and fresh juices, fruit salads and vegetable salads, food service ice in public places.

· left driving is accepted in many countries. In Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Cyprus, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Singapore, New Zealand, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Malta, Jamaica and others are included.

· The principle of following of equality between women and men is followed strictly in USA, and sometimes familiarity and innocent flirtation (as you think) from your side in relation to representatives of females can lead suit.

· The strict observance of rules and laws is accepted in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria. Anonymous calls from the German citizens to police are often made in case of violation of rules of roads. You can in better case pay fee illegal parking, in worse – breakdown tract.

· It is always necessary to follow local customs and traditions in China, a country with rich history and culture.

Chinese do not like to say “not”, studiously chose words for more hidden and evasive answer, which often can be just hard to understand for representative of other culture.

It is not allowed to clap in back, swinging one's arms, patterning with fist of one hand on others lamp, because of this is considered as unacceptable.

· instead of handshaking Indians meet their guests by traditional greeting “namaste” (or “namaskar”) – two pressed one to other palms on the level breast. This, however, does not exclude further handshake.

In case of choosing of present for Indian partner it is necessary to avoid items made from beef leather, because the caw is the sacred animal in India.

During communication Indians often shake heads from the side to side, that should be considered as the gesture of approval and satisfaction, but no negation. To seat, crossed one leg over the other, during conversation is considered inadequate towards interlocutor.

· It is necessary to relate with respect to Buddhism and its traditions in Thailand. It is necessary to take off shoes on entrance in entering temple or house of citizens of Thailand. The same should be done everywhere, where all this is made by Thailand citizens.

It is necessary to talk with respect about King and member of Royal family. They are very respected by citizens of Thailand and any disparaging phrase or gesture towards them are seen as personal insult.

· Although Turkey is temporal country, Regulations of Koran are followed in this country strictly. It is not recommended to drink or eat in public places, to smoke and chew chewing gum during Ramadan. Outside tourist’s zone it is undesirable to wear shorts and T-shirts.

In case of visiting countries of Muslim world it is important to know that:

· meeting, acquaintance with representatives of Muslim countries traditionally starts with handshake. Women greet men with short bow.

· special attention is necessary to pay on the physical appearance. Women’s clothes have to be roomy and modest. For example, in Iran and Saudi Arabia it is forbidden to women to wear open clothes and not covered head in the street.

· the Laws of Shariah are strict and followed in mandatory order, especially during Muslim holidays, Guests of the country during Ramadan have to abstain from smoking, food and drinking any beverages in public places.

· Alcoholic is sold only in some bars and restaurants of some hotels. Appearance in drunk condition in the street or during driving is punished by fee, arrest or deportation. It is not recommended categorically to propose to local citizens alcoholic beverages, as presents or souvenirs.

· it is not allowed to enter a house of Muslim person in shoes. If the owner enters in shoes, then this prohibition is canceled.

· Being guest it is not recommended to refuse from fare, because this can be considered as insult or disrespect to a house of an owner. Muslims value and proud of old traditions of hospitality.

· it is forbidden to visit sacred cities Mecca and Medina by foreign citizens in Saudi Arabia.

· It is not recommended to walk between praying people. It is not allowed to make pictures of state bodies, castles of sheikhs, military facilities and constructions.

· Communication with local women (outside work) is considered as insult and punished by fee. It is not allowed to make pictures of woman, walk behind her, let her go ahead. It is allowed to make pictures of man, having taken permission from him in advance.