General information about MBA
General Information

Ranking of business schools
Way towards MBA degree begins with choosing a business school, that meets your reqirements. In their search a candidate as the first step refers to the ratings, which are created with the following  number of criteria such as location, the expected level of income at the end of the program, the percentage increase in salary after an MBA, the percentage of graduate employment within three months after the completion of the program, the opinion of graduates and employers about the schools, the cost of the program, etc. Its methodology and evaluation system is on basis of each rating, so the business school, included in the top five in one  ranking, the other can take a much lower position. The most common rating of the world's leading business publications are presented here: FT, BW, USNews, WSJ, The Economist.

International ranking МВА 2011 by version of The Financial Times
London Business School and University of Pennsylvania: Wharton shared the first line of ranking 2011 Global MBA Rankings by version of The Financial Times. Harvard Business School, Insead and Stanford University GSB are included in top five.  Hong Kong UST Business School is one the sixth place.

MBA: perspective without guarantees
Future leaders are willing to spend a lot of money for MBA in the hope of advantage over other candidates and for higher wages. However, this degree is not always the key to a successful career, according to respondents 'Rk' top managers and representatives of the HR-industry.

How to enter a business-school?
The number of applications for entry to business schools has grown. In many times. The economic recession, the demographic boom and Generation Y and.... we dare to whisper about it? The group's top business schools encourage admission of younger candidates, some right from college.

МВА without work experience МВА without work experience
Some schools are keeping pace with the times and reduce the scale of requirements regarding work experience, or even create a program specifically for young aplikantov. Nevertheless, there are professors who are wary of an influx of inexperienced students and expressed a percentage of uncertainty regarding their future employment.

Experts: Russian employers are not interested in MBA degree
About 72% of Russian employers do not pay attention to the presence of MBA. This is according to research conducted by one of the recruiting companies.

Does it worth to enter business-school
A few practical tips to help you decide whether to get an MBA or not.