About a portal

We are glad to meet you on a new Kazakhstan information-educational Portal «I am student», devoted to questions of vocational training, employment and cultural life of students!

The Portal purposes:

  •   to provide access for population to the information about technical and professional, institutes, colleges in Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, possibilities and variants of employment; to the educational literature, tutors and student's workings out;

  • to organize network interaction for participants of educational process for mobility development in an education sphere, perfection of an information exchange and distribution of effective decisions.

Portal audience:

    •   pupils , entrants and their parents;
    •  students of lycées, colleges and universities, undergraduates and doctoral candidates;
    • the persons, whom wishing to raise the qualification, to pass courses of retraining or to learn foreign languages;
    • teachers and employers;
    • the non-governmental and youth organizations;
    • other interested users.

      Advantages of the Portal:

      On the Portal you will find a considerable quantity interesting and the helpful information concerning questions of vocational training, employment and cultural-rest life of students: news, articles and councils about uniform national testing, intermediate state control and complex testing, the catalog and a rating of HIGH SCHOOLS, lycées and colleges, receipt conditions in universities, a magistracy, doctoral studies and МВА. Learn where and how to receive the grant on training in Kazakhstan and abroad. Besides, here you can find the information about free work places and passage of training in the Kazakhstan and foreign companies, to communicate in a forum and to conduct your own blog.

      All information is conveniently located and doesn't demand long searches. The design of the Portal organically is in harmony with its concept and the maintenance, and the convenient and thought over navigation doesn't deliver any inconveniences.

      Everyone will find here interesting information in full complect.

      We try to provide granting materials on the Portal from primary sources.

      Possibilities for pupils:

      •   Possession of the actual information in an education sphere;
      • help in searching educational institution and vacancies for employment;

      Possibilities for educational institutions:

      •   target audience coverage;
      • Increase of recognition educational institution and its services;
      • Acquaintance with advantages of educational institution and training conditions in it.

      Possibilities for employers:

      •   the help in searching of graduates with high progress, as potential highly-skilled personnel;
      • increase of recognition the company and its activity;
      • social partnership.

      We invite to cooperation:

      •   lycées and colleges
      • universities
      • business schools
      • training centers
      • training and retraining centers
      • the centers of foreign languages
      • banks
      • the national and private companies
      • state structures
      • the non-governmental and youth organizations
      • MASS-MEDIA
      • and simply interested in development of the Portal of persons and the organizations.

      We accept remarks about making work on the Portal and the information placed on it, and also we wait for offers about Portal improvement!

      In our forces to make the Portal more interesting and better!

      The information resulted on a site can not reflect opinion of authors and Portal administration. The administration of the Portal has the right not to publish and/or delete the message breaking current legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan, and also containing spam, a floor-mat, advertizing of the goods and/or services.